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Track Collector Pan Systems

Track Collector Pan Systems

Industrial and railroad facilities handle oil, fuel and chemical products during the course of their routine operations. Those substances can cause environmental contamination should a spill occur during loading or unloading. The SynTechnics Track Collector Pan Systems offer protection by collecting and isolating spills for treatment and disposal. Properly installed to connect with permanent waste treatment systems, they can limit environmental problems caused by uncollected spillage, and reduce downtime for equipment repair.

Protect Environment From Chemical, Oil or Fuel Spills
Strong Fiberglass Construction
Collection Pans and cross drains that connect with pre-installed underground pipes or trenches.
Substances flow to a sump or collection tank for treatment or disposal.

Systems are available in virtually any length with Cross Drains on 20′ or 40′ nominal spacing. System widths of 10′, 12′, or 14′ are standard.
Pans will fit most sizes of rail including the 90 pound rail often used at loading and unloading sites.
All SynTechnics Track Collector Pans can be manufactured to fit curved tracks up to 21° and areas around switches.
The pan surface can be made with a permanent “anti-skid” texture or smooth surface for maximum corrosion resistance.
Greatest advantage is the reasonable TOTAL INSTALLED COST.

Stands up against many chemicals that would prove highly destructive to steel or concrete systems.
Manufacturing process makes use of specially selected resins, which resist corrosion in customer-specified chemical environments.
Top and bottom surfaces are specially selected resins to provide the toughest possible protection from corrosive chemicals.
Mats of reinforcing chopped fiberglass strands lend extra protection against corrosion.
Inner layer of woven roving gives strength and stability to collector pans.

Our Type II & III systems are available in 20′ and 40′ nominal pan lengths, and in 10′, 12, and 14′ system widths. Sixteen foot wide systems are available in 20′ lengths. These systems are applicable where foot traffic could be expected. Type II systems are recommended for high corrosion applications. Type III systems are recommended for mild corrosion applications.

The systems are composed of a center collector pan and a pair of side collector pans. The collector pans empty into cross drains placed perpendicularly 

Our type IV & V “sloped” systems offer a 1″ per 10′ slope that is built into the pan to aid drainage of the spilled material. The sloped systems are identical to the flat systems in laminate construction and concept.

The sloped systems are composed of a center collector pan and a pair of side collector pans. The collector pans empty into cross drains placed perpendicularly between pan sections. A crosswalk grating covers the cross drain.

Years of field-testing have allowed us to achieve design clarity and system efficiency unparalleled in the industry.

Type IV & V Sloped Component Description

Liquids that are spilled on the Posi-Drain Track Collector Pans flow directly to the drain area in the center of the pans. Each drain is connected to a drainpipe that ties together the pan system with your main drain. The drain openings are protected by a snap-in stainless steel drain cover that allows liquids to pass through, while screening out large pieces of debris. The one-piece sloped collector pan design reduces the safety hazards caused by standing liquids and its gasket connection can eliminate the potential for leakage at the cross drain collector pan interface.

Posi-Drain Track Collector Pan Systems come in 10, 12, and 14 foot widths.

Posi-Drain Component Description